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Emotionally Healthy Discipleship II


Pas. Dale Walker


Zoom & In Person


WED | 6:00 - 8:00PM

About the Course

Throughout the generations much time and money has been spent to help people become competent in their careers and lives, but few have learned the skills or gained the competency in their relationships.

Part two of Emotionally Healthy Discipleship will focus on guiding students in using skills for building healthy relationships in church, workplace, family, school, neighborhood, and even through the most difficult situations of life. Through the application of the skills we will learn in this class, we hope to see our love for one another become so distinct that those around us will know we have been with Jesus. 

Since loving others and loving God cannot be separated, the first step will be to grow in our personal relationship with Jesus through incorporating stillness, silence, and scripture in daily life rhythms. Then out of this well-spring of our love for Him we will learn how to love one another as He loved us.

Join us this Fall as we learn more about “loving our neighbor as ourselves”.


Pas. Dale Walker

Pastor Dale Walker and his wife Sharon are lead pastors of HFTW Church.

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