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Sep 13, 2023 - Nov 15, 2023

EC - 101 Biblical Citizenship in Modern America


Sunday 9:30-11:20 Zoom Only We are witnessing a growing ignorance of, and departure from, our country’s founding principles. Preservation of this nation requires us to be “salt & light” as we fulfill the Great Commission to “make disciples.” This requires knowledge, from a Christian-citizen perspective, of the God-given culture we are responsible to preserve. Basic objectives for the course are: — Understanding of the Biblical background and history of this nation’s founding. — Knowledge of Biblical principles and how to apply them to the world around us. — Restoration of Biblical values in our communities, states, and nation. — Christian participation in the public discourse. Biblical Citizenship in Modern America provides a fascinating and exciting look at our nation, its history, and our role in its governance and preservation. The presentations are fast-paced and full of facts and stories not often made known in today’s society. You are about to take a journey which will help you better see your place in your community and in modern America. It is our hope and prayer that through the knowledge and understanding gained from this class we can all be positive, biblical citizens who will influence our culture through truth and light.

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