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Spanish with a Focus on Outreach III


Ruth Kerr


In Person


TUE | 5:30 - 7:30PM

Sobre el curso

This third course in the Spanish with a Focus on Outreach series covers the remaining eighteen lessons in the workbook Basic Spanish by Dorothy Richmond 2020, McGraw-Hill. It will begin with a review of the first 32 lessons. It is intended for students who have completed the second course (LG 138- SMM Winter Trimester); however, persons who have studied some Spanish can probably benefit from the class. The lessons will include the study of irregular and reflexive verbs, direct object and reflexive pronouns, the use of the prepositions por and para, and more vocabulary.

Each class will include:

1) discussion of the lesson and practice using new vocabulary in conversation.

2)Bible verses and songs to build vocabulary necessary for sharing the gospel and talking about faith.

3) introduction to past, future and subjunctive tenses used in the Bible verses.

The teachers again hope to have the pleasure of spending another trimester with students who desire to learn and/or improve their ability to understand and speak Spanish.

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