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Values And Vision Of A Healthy Growing Church


Pas. Dale Walker


In Person


Jan 28/Feb 25/Mar 3 4:00 - 8:00PM

About the Course

Church Growth is what every pastor, church leader, and member desires to see. Growth of any living organism requires all the proper components for there to be healthy growth.   In this course Pastor Dale will be laying out the essentials, he has learned over the years, for the development of a spiritual family that lives out the culture of heaven here on earth.

Heart for the World has reached a point where expansion seems not only possible, but necessary.  The specific vision now is to branch out to the Sonoma Ranch area and other campuses in the future.  The goal of this course is to guide leaders who can develop and lead a healthy, vibrant, and flourishing church atmosphere.  These leaders will be guided into the essentials for healthy growth by fully understanding and embracing the mission and learning how to unite a team of people in the values, strategies, and commitments necessary to develop the culture of the kingdom of heaven.

Come, learn, and see what God might want you to apply your talents and abilities to as we expand our reach into the Las Cruces and the surrounding areas.


Pas. Dale Walker

Pastor Dale Walker and his wife Sharon are lead pastors of HFTW Church.

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