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CD - 212a

Character Development in Your Life


Pas. Bernabé Casillas


Zoom Only


THU | 10:00 - 11:30AM

About the Course

Character is considered to be developed through the combination of one’s thoughts; desires; disposition; behavior; and manners. Students in this course are going to be encouraged to apply their Christian faith and beliefs to life’s situations and learn how to make them the main influence to override natural tendencies of human nature.  Learning to live out what we believe is challenging, but essential for believers in Christ in order to bring a positive reflection of our Lord into the culture of our world.  In this class we will be studying how to develop genuine love and godliness in our inner being which can and will shape us to live as true Christians in whatever situation life might bring our way.


Pas. Bernabé Casillas

Actualmente sirve en la iglesia de HFTW como pastor de niños

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